Vioxx (rofecoxib), the painkiller manufactured by Merck & Co., was removed from the market on September 30, 2004. Reports from various studies proved that patients taking Vioxx were at a much higher risk of experiencing such side effects as heart attacks, strokes and congestive heart failure.

Concerns about the drug became public as early as 2000, but Merck seemed to ignore them when it realized that millions of dollars could be made by selling the drug to more than 2 million patients.

The FDA’s research indicated that people taking Vioxx had an 80% greater risk of congestive heart failure and 50% greater risk of experiencing a heart attack, compared with other anti-inflammatory medications.

The FDA estimates that over a span of five years (1999–2004), more than 27,000 patients experienced a Vioxx-related heart attack.

Many Vioxx patients have chosen to file lawsuits against Merck. As of March 2006, more than 10,000 cases had been filed against Merck regarding Vioxx. Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about the Vioxx lawsuits and recall.

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