Taxotere News

Sanofi issues Taxotere recall over fears of drug being too concentrated

July 26th, 2016

Sanofi Aventis issued a Taxotere recall for fifteen batches of its chemotherapy drug after an error in the manufacturing process could have led the vials to be too concentrated. Taxotere is already a much more powerful drug than alternative chemotherapy treatment drugs. More »

FDA approves cooling cap for breast cancer hair loss

May 16th, 2016

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first ever cooling cap to help prevent hair loss among women undergoing breast cancer treatment. The Dignitana DigniCap Cooling System utilizes scalp cooling to minimize hair loss. Research found that up to 66% of women who used the cap experienced 50% or less hair loss. More »

Scalp cooling could help patients with Taxotere hair loss, study finds

March 31st, 2016

A study published in Supportive Care of Cancer has found that a 20-minute post-infusion cooling time is an effective and tolerable way to minimize or prevent hair loss due to Taxotere (generic name docetaxel). The study significantly reduced the amount of time necessary for the cooling treatment from 90 minutes to 45 minutes to 20 minutes. More »

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