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Johnson & Johnson says mother’s tears are not worth $2.5 million

February 15th, 2016

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson is challenging a jury verdict that awarded $2.5 million to a man who developed breasts after being given the drug Risperdal. Lawyers for J & J argued that, despite an impassioned testimony by the boy’s mother, who cried while relating the anguish her autistic son suffered from the condition, the boy did not deserve $2.5 million. More »

Johnson & Johnson has settled over 1,300 Risperdal lawsuits

June 18th, 2015

Drug giant Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals have settled more than 1,300 Risperdal lawsuits since the drug was approved in the 1990s. The latest settlement was resolved out of court and involved a young man who developed size 46DD breasts while taking the antipsychotic drug. More »

Doctor whose research endorsed Risperdal was paid by manufacturer

June 18th, 2015

According to documents obtained by the New York Times, Risperdal manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals and its parent company Johnson & Johnson paid for Harvard child psychologist Joseph Biederman’s research institute to help “move forward the commercial goals of J&J.” Biederman was eventually disciplined for accepting more than $4.2 million from various drug companies to do research. More »

News of Risperdal gynecomastia spreading

March 6th, 2015

After a 20-year old Alabama man was awarded $2.5 million in his Risperdal lawsuit, news of the drug’s link to male breast growth, or gynecomastia, has spread. Top news publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and People Magazine have covered the jury’s decision to award Austin Pledger the sum after determining manufacturers Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals were to blame.

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Study reveals Risperdal’s effects on prolactin levels in children

February 23rd, 2015

New research published in the International Clinical Psychopharmacology journal has revealed the effects that antipsychotic drug Risperdal (generic name risperidone) has on prolactin levels in children. Prior to the study, the only reliable information on Risperdal and prolactin levels came from studies involving adults.

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More than 1,000 Risperdal lawsuits filed against J&J in Philadelphia

February 13th, 2015

More than 1,000 Risperdal lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers Johnson & Johnson and subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals in Philadelphia, according to Bloomberg. An ongoing Risperdal lawsuit alleging that the drug caused a male adolescent to develop breast tissue may be the first of those lawsuits to be decided by a jury.

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Men more likely to develop breasts while using Risperdal than other antipsychotics

September 12th, 2014

A new study published as a letter to the editor in The Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology has found that middle-aged men who take Risperdal are 69% more likely to develop gynecomastia than patients not using an antipsychotic, and 40% more likely to develop gynecomastia than patients using alternative antipsychotics. The study may reinforce the link between male adolescent breast tissue growth and Risperdal use. More »

Risperdal Litigation Status Conference Scheduled for July 15, Notes Hissey Kientz, LLP

July 15th, 2014

A status conference will be held on July 15, 2014 in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas for legal parties to discuss the next steps in Risperdal litigation, reports Hissey Kientz, LLP. Plaintiffs filing lawsuits against Janssen Pharmaceuticals and parent company Johnson & Johnson allege that the manufacturers failed to properly warn Risperdal users about the increased risk of developing gynecomastia. (Risperdal Litigation, case number 100300296) More »

Risperdal Breast Growth Lawsuit Website Launched By Hissey Kientz, LLP Law Firm

June 16th, 2014

The law firm of Hissey Kientz, LLP is announcing the launch of its new website, Risperdal Breast Growth Lawsuits (http://www.risperdalbreastlawsuit.com/). The site will serve as a source for news and legal information for patients who allege that they experienced gynecomastia after taking Risperdal.

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More than 100 gynocomastia lawsuits filed against Risperdal manufacturer

May 6th, 2014

More than 100 Risperdal lawsuits have been filed alleging that the drug caused gynocomastia, a condition in which breasts develop in males and young children. Risperdal is an antipsychotic medication manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which is owned by Johnson & Johnson. More »

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