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An outbreak of the fungal infection Fusarium keratitis has been linked to the use of Bausch & Lomb’s ReNu with MoistureLoc contact lens solution. Fusarium keratitis is a serious infection of the cornea that can result in blindness. Bausch & Lomb issued a ReNu recall in April 2006 due to cases of infection reported among some patients.

Since June 2005, cases of fungal eye infections have increased significantly among users of ReNu with MoistureLoc contact lens solution. In May 2006, the Centers for Disease Control received reports of 106 confirmed cases of Fusarium keratitis.

Fusarium keratitis symptoms
If you have used ReNu with MoistureLoc, you may be experiencing some of these Fusarium keratitis symptoms:

• Sudden blurry vision               • Discharge from the eye
• Unusual redness                    • Increased light sensitivity
of the eye                              • Sensation of foreign matter
• Eye pain or discomfort           • Excessive tearing
in the eye

Treatment options for Fusarium keratitis
Treatment for Fusarium keratitis can last up to three months and range from medication to surgery in extreme cases. Eyedrops and oral anti-fungal medicines are the most common and non-intrusive remedy for eye infections.

However, some patients do not respond to these medicines because of serious infections and may need surgery. Corneal transplants may be performed on patients who are in danger of permanent vision loss.

Left untreated, eye infections can lead to ulcers, lacerations and tears in the cornea. If patients do recover, infections leave scars on the cornea and cause blindness.

The information on this page pertains only to ReNu with MoistureLoc and not all ReNu products.

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