ReNu Recall

In April 2006, ReNu with MoistureLoc contact lens solution was voluntarily removed from the market. An investigation into the relation between an outbreak of Fusarium keratitis (a harmful eye infection) and the ReNu solution was immediately conducted by the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control.

After the outbreak of Fusarium keratitis, Bausch & Lomb suspended sales or recalled ReNu in the U.S. in April 2006 and worldwide in May 2006.

Bausch & Lomb’s talk with the FDA
On May 11, 2006, Bausch & Lomb representatives met with the FDA to share internal knowledge of the link between Fusarium keratitis and its product. The chemical formula of ReNu with MoistureLoc makes people more susceptible to contracting this fungal eye infection, which could lead to serious side effects.

The FDA and CDC have reported that the likelihood of a person contracting Fusarium keratitis is higher among users of ReNu with MoistureLoc than among users of other solutions. As a result, Bausch & Lomb has permanently ceased the manufacture and distribution of ReNu with MoistureLoc contact lens solution.

Recall recommendation
Since the ReNu recall was issued in April 2006, more than 100 confirmed cases of Fusarium keratitis linked to the contact lens solution have come to the surface.

The FDA and CDC recommend that doctors stop prescribing Bausch & Lomb’s ReNu with MoistureLoc products, and that contact lens wearers stop using the product.

The information on this page pertains only to ReNu with MoistureLoc and not all ReNu products.

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