Clinical Trials for Mesothelioma

Studies of promising new mesothelioma treatments are known as clinical trials. A mesothelioma clinical trial is done only when scientists have reason to believe that the new treatment may be of value to the patients with mesothelioma symptoms. Clinical trials are necessary in order to find new and better ways to treat mesothelioma. The treatments for mesothelioma used in clinical trials often prove to have real benefits.

Researchers’ main questions

• Is this treatment helpful?
• Does it work better than other treatments now in use?
• What are its side effects?
• Do those side effects outweigh the benefits?
• Who is most likely to find this form of treatment helpful?

Phase I trials
Mesothelioma clinical trials are carried out in steps known as phases, each of which is designed to answer certain questions.

Phase I clinical trials look at how best to give a new form of treatment and how much of it can be given safely. The main purpose of a phase I study is to test the safety of the new drug for treating mesothelioma.

Phase II trials
Phase II clinical trials are designed to see whether the drug works as a successful mesothelioma treatment. Patients are given the highest dose that doesn’t cause serious mesothelioma side effects and then observed closely to see whether there is an effect on the mesothelioma.

Phase III trials
Phase III clinical trials compare the new treatment with standard mesothelioma treatment. Usually, patients are divided into two groups. The control group receives standard mesothelioma treatment, and the other group receives the new treatment. Every person is closely observed to determine the more effective mesothelioma treatment. The study is stopped if the side effects of treatment are too severe or if one group has much better results than the other.

If you are in a mesothelioma clinical trial, a team of experts will carefully gauge your progress. There are risks, however; no one knows in advance whether the treatment will be successful or just what side effects will occur.

Taking part in a clinical trial is entirely your choice. Even after joining a clinical trial for a new mesothelioma treatment, you are free to drop out at any time, for any reason. Taking part in the study will not prevent you from getting other medical care you may need for your symptoms.

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