Actavis Totowa issued a nationwide recall notice on April 25, 2008 for its heart drug Digitek after it was revealed that some tablets were being improperly manufactured, leading to cases of severe and potentially fatal Digitek overdoses. According to the company, these tablets were being produced at twice their normal thickness. As a result, patients were receiving double the normal dose of digitalis, the active ingredient in the drug.

Patients who received the tablets that prompted the Digitek recall have suffered heart attacks, strokes or death as a result of digitalis toxicity. Other patients have reported side effects that include low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, vision problems, nausea and dizziness.

Digitek—which is also known by its generic name, digoxin—is prescribed to treat the symptoms of patients with congestive heart failure or an irregular heartbeat. The drug works by increasing the amount of calcium in the cells of the heart in order to stimulate and strengthen heartbeats. In addition, Digitek and other digitalis drugs can increase the flow of blood through the body and relieve swelling in the hands and ankles.

When given at higher doses, however, Digitek can lead to digoxin toxicity, worsening the problems that it is intended to treat. A Digitek overdose can cause nausea or lower blood pressure and slow the heart, increasing the risk of a heart attack, stroke or other Digitek side effects.

Several patients who were injured after suffering digitalis toxicity have filed Digitek lawsuits against Actavis and the two distributors of the drug, Mylan Pharmaceuticals and UDL Laboratories. These digoxin lawsuits have alleged that some Digitek tablets were dangerously and defectively manufactured, causing patients to experience severe and potentially deadly Digitek side effects.

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