Chemical Exposure

Toxic chemicals, such as creosote, lead and vinyl chloride, pose threats inside and outside the workplace. A wide range of industrial chemicals, drugs and agricultural pesticides may be linked to blood disorders, birth defects, cancer and other health problems.

Even naturally occurring substances can be toxic, such as asbestos, lead, arsenic, radon and benzene. About 10 billion pounds of toxic substances are released into the environment annually.

Environmentally caused cancer
In 1976, Congress published a report that noted that the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health estimated there to be 390,000 new cases of occupational disease each year and that 100,000 of these people die as a result.

According to the research, 60–70% of all cancers are environmentally caused. People born in the 1940s are 35% more likely to contract cancer than were their grandparents. Women who live close to some chemical plants are 70% more likely to get breast cancer than are those living farther away.

Occupational injuries, diseases, deaths

A 1999 article entitled “Global Burden of Disease and Injury Due to Occupational Factors” was published by Australia’s National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety. These authors estimated that every year, 100,000 die from occupational injuries and 700,000 from occupational diseases.

Chemical spills of hazardous materials from overturned tanker trucks or factory explosions may cause severe injuries to those involved in the accident, not to mention environmental and property damage to the surrounding area. The 10 years between 1982 and 1991 saw an annual average of 6,774 hazardous materials transportation incidents in the United States. In 1991, more than 9,000 such incidents resulted in 10 deaths and 436 injuries from chemical exposure.

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