Expert Testimony on Celebrex

What follows is a sampling of quotes from people knowledgeable about Celebrex and its various symptoms and side effects, and the resultant lawsuits:

“There was never much reason for these drugs [Celebrex and Bextra] in the first place, so one should accept virtually zero side effects.”
—Dr. Marcia Angell, former editor-in-chief of the
New England Journal of Medicine (December 2004)

“They [Celebrex and Bextra] should come off the market, and our petition will be filed in the next several weeks to ban both of these drugs.”
—Dr. Sidney Wolfe of Public Citizen

“Celebrex should be used as a last resort on patients who have heart disease or a risk of developing it.”
—American Heart Association advisory (February 2007)

“That’s just unacceptable. How can physicians be expected to responsibly prescribe drugs if we don’t know the true risks and benefits?”
—Dr. Bruce Psaty of the University of Washington on Pfizer’s
February 2005 admission that it had done a study six years earlier
which found that Celebrex patients suffered heart attacks
3.6 times more often than those given a placebo

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