Celebrex Statistics

3.6—Times more likely Alzheimer’s patients on Celebrex are to have heart attacks, compared with those on placebo. These data come from a study Pfizer conducted in 1999 but withheld from the FDA and public.

10—Deaths and 11 cases of gastrointestinal hemorrhage suffered by Celebrex users in its first three months on the market.

40%—Drop in sales of Celebrex after getting a “black-box” warning.

63.5%—Market share of COX-2 drugs, held by Celebrex after Vioxx is withdrawn in 2004.

27 million—Americans who have taken Celebrex since 1999 when it went on the market; 75 million worldwide.

$2.7 billion—Sales of Celebrex in 2004.

$18 billion—Legal liabilities Prizer faces over Celebrex, according to some experts.

$35 billion—Market value Pfizer suddenly loses in December 2004 after National Cancer Institute shows how Celebrex raises the risk of “severe coronary events.”

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