Bank of America Class Action

Hissey Kientz is currently representing clients in a class action against the Bank of America over alleged improper fees charged to Bank of America customers. We advance the expenses of the litigation, so that plaintiffs and class members don’t have to go out of pocket in the process of seeking justice. Our fees and expenses are paid by the defendant once the case is successfully concluded.

A class action is a type of lawsuit that allows one or several individuals to represent a larger group of people. This group of individuals may have suffered from the same injury or defective products or experienced the same deceptive business practices. Class action lawsuits can include thousands, or even millions, of individuals harmed by the same defendant or defendants.

While a single plaintiff standing up to a giant corporation may have little effect, class action lawsuits allow many people to speak with one voice. By grouping claims together, defendants are forced to answer for the full weight of their actions. Even if a company’s wrongdoings only result in a minor amount of damage for any one person, the illegal practice or defective product could cause millions of dollars of damage when all of the individual harms are added up.

Hissey Kientz, LLP is committed to holding large corporations and governments accountable for their actions. Attorneys in our firm have faced some of the largest pharmaceutical companies and corporations in the world.

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