Expert Testimony on Accutane

What follows is a sampling of quotes from people knowledgeable about Accutane and its various symptoms and side effects, and the resultant lawsuits:

“Roche has not acted in good faith to truly and accurately answer questions relating to Accutane use in women and pregnancy exposure.”
—Food and Drug Administration memo (1998)

“False and misleading.”
—FDA’s characterization of Roche’s advertisements about Accutane

“Accutane is being marketed like peanut butter.”

—Kansas attorney Diane Nygaard on Roche’s disregard of Accutane’s
risk of causing birth defects

“These unusually high risks [of Accutane] are comparable to those posed by thalidomide exposure.”
—Dr. Edward Lammer of the California Birth Defects Monitoring Project,
recalling the 8,000 or so grossly deformed babies born in the 1950s
to mothers who had taken the sedative Thalidomide

“Forty infants born alive after first trimester exposure to Accutane have died…because of the developmental errors that Accutane caused…. We simply need to remove the drug from the market.”

—Dr. Godfrey Oakley, director of the Division of Birth Defects and
Developmental Disabilities at the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention

“The magnitude of injury and death has been great and permanent, with 11,000 to 13,000 Accutane-related abortions and 900 to 1,100 Accutane-related birth defects.”
—Dr. David Graham of the FDA

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